a quarter century flame

【SECRET SPHERE×GERMAN special contact!!】

SECRET SPHEREとa quarter century flameのジャーマンのメールを公開!!

<<from Aldo>>

this week all the goodies will be shipped to you as well as video material.



<<from German>>

Thank you.
I understand that you would bring the acoustic guitar.
I will arrange the Amp.

As to the flight schedule,
you will leave Milano on Dec, 15th (Sat)........


Dec.17th (Mon) Event Day
Acoustic GIG

4:00pm Rehearsal
6:30pm Door Open
7:00pm Show Stars
9:00pm Event Ends

Dec. 18th (Tue) Interview Day


It’s very happy if you can upload the videos like all PVs you have and Live footage as much as possible!

Kind regards,


<<from Aldo>>

Yes I'm trying to bring the acoustic guitar, do you know if there are problems bring in a guitar?
For amps it's ok if there is a PA system, the same for vocals

Shure sounds good.

Piano: Standard tuning 440 HZ

Box and picks will be send next week.

I will upload the data of the videos wednesday when "Lie To Me" video will be delivered

Many many thanks



<<from German>>

Hello, Aldo

I have some question about performance at event.

Do you bring your acoustic guitar? Correct?

I will send you the equipment list at the venue later.
What do you use the mic ? I’m preparing SHAHRE.

I believe Michele will play the piano.
Please let me know the pitch. We will tune the piano

Do you have the poster for this time?
If yes, please let me have 10 posters.

Could you kindly send me the BOX set?
You can make it "pay on delivery".

Also, can you send me 10 guitar picks?

Once again, please send me the Data or Tape of video for the event.
I'd like to edit it for the event in advance.

Yukiyasu Fujii


<<from GERMAN>>

Hello, Aldo

I’m planning to set the event on Dec. 8th (sat).

Here is expected schedule:

Dec. 6th (Thu) Leave Italy for Haneda (tokyo) Dec. 7th (Fri) Arrive at Haneda (tokyo) – Promotion Dec. 8th (Sat) Event Dec. 9th (Sun) Promotion – leave Haneda (tokyo) Dec. 10th (Mon) Arrive at Italy.

As this is expected schedule at this moment, there might be a couple days delay or extended.


<<from ALDO>>

Hello !
I checked with Michele and the best dates for us should be from 13 to 17 or similar.


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